The Eskies set for Stephen’s Day party in Whelans

After what has been their most successful year to date, The Eskies return to their spiritual home of Whelans on St Stephen’s Day to play a gig that is certain to keep the festive spirit alive and well over the holidays.

Ahead of that much anticipated gig we caught up with the lads after they returned from a self described miniature UK tour to hear about, festivals, touring, stretching their wings, free music and more.


The band has packed a huge amount into the last 12 months, with an appearance on RTE television just one of the many memorable moments, but they are definitely not slowing down as Ian pointed out.

“We’re very excited” said Ian. “We’ve just come back from a little UK tour, we’re working on a load of new stuff and we’ve got Whelans on Stephen’s Day to look forward to.

Tim continues: “Next year is already booking up fast, we’ve plans for an Irish tour, a more extensive UK tour and trips to Italy and France also happening, and that’s all before the Summer so we’re going to be mad busy”.

The move from gigging in Ireland to further afield is something the band felt needed to be done, but that required letting go of the reigns slightly and letting others take charge, which Sean said has worked out pretty well so far.

“Up until very recently we’ve always done everything on our own but we’ve started working with a couple of booking agents in the UK and Europe so that’s opened all kinds of doors as far as travelling and all is concerned.

“As far as a record deal goes, it’s not something we’ve put any great thought into because it hasn’t become any kind of possibility yet but if it did in the future and the deal was right we’d give it a look sure.”

And if that record deal were to come along we at lekmk Promotions were interested to know if the lads from The Eskies would do a U2 and offer their music for free?

“Well that’s something that’s become a bit of an increasing trend” said Ian. “Remember Radiohead did something similar a few years ago with a ‘pay what you want’ type thing.

“Speaking personally though, if there’s a band around that I really love, I want to pay for their music, contribute in some way to their art and that kind of thing.

“I think for people outside the industry it might set a bit of a dangerous precedent for people whereby they might not think that music is worth paying for, not a lot of bands who want to make a career in music can really afford to give it away for free, certainly not independent bands anyway.”

As most who know the band will attest to, they have always taken their music and their sound seriously, and we were interested to know what pearls of wisdom would they have for youngsters planning a similar path over the coming years.

“First things first, write loads of songs, play ALL the gigs and get some decent stuff up online” stated Ian.

Kearney continued: “Play what you want to play not what you think people want you to play, don’t lie!!

“Prepare to be broke, resist the temptation to split your gig money and get locked, always have band money for when recording, videos, design stuff and travelling and don’t be an arsehole to other bands, promoters or sound engineers (even if they’re arseholes to you).”

Sounds like pretty good advice and from a group of lads who are doing things their own way, and to hear their truly recognisable sound this Christmas you are invited to head to Whelans on St Stephen’s Day.

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