Space – Female of the Species


Space – Liverpool and 90s britpop icons who delivered classics such as ‘neighbourhood’ ‘female of the species’ and ‘ballad of tom jones’

Having released 2014’s ‘attack of the mutant 50ft kebab’ Space arrive in 2016 with a brand new set list and replaying the iconic classics we all know and love .

The band have spent the last couple of years extensively touring the UK promoting their first ever box set of albums as well as teasers for upcoming release ‘Give me your future’ (2016).

Front man Tommy Scotts influence for the new material stems from his infamous fascination with sci-fi and horror movies and likens the material to a ’50s B movie for the ears ‘

In their illustrious career Space have sold in excess of 2 million albums worldwide with titles ‘Spiders’ ‘Tin Planet’ ‘Suburban rock n roll’ and the latest additions to the roster , they have also released 10 top 40 singles and a host of other single releases to date including ‘you and me versus the world’ ‘ballad of tom jones’ ‘neighbourhood’ ‘avenging angels’ and ‘dark clouds’ .

The band continue to write gritty edge pop songs that capture the imagi ation of both front man and audience alike .