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The Swedish Railway Orchestra

The Swedish Railway Orchestra is the brainchild of Dubliner Rob Smith.
What started out as instrumental alternative dance music, evolved into everything from house and disco to experimental dance-punk to electronic rock. Smith has released a number of records under this guise. Following the success of his Argentine soccer-laced punk anthem Dale Boca Juniors, it was quite the sharp turn when he switched the distorted guitars for the synthesizer.
In 2016, the unofficial debut album Northern Lights was released to surprising acclaim. Smith admits these were the first songs of this genre he ever created. ``I was being booked for live shows,`` the Irishman says. ``But TSRO is not really a live band, so I was essentially just live remixing the songs on stage using a mixing desk, a laptop, and some CDJs. I didn't know what was going to happen musically about 40% of the time, but I enjoyed it.``
In September 2017, the album ``This Is a Dream`` was released, which featured the popular single ``Why Don't You Talk to Me?`` to enormous acclaim and became something of an anthem for the indie clubs in Ireland for a brief while. The album saw a more vocal technique to Smith's way of creating music, and to huge acclaim. It was kept off the top spot in the Irish charts by electronic giants LCD Soundsystem.
In March 2018, the five-track You Can't Have It Your Way - EP was released, which featured the dark-souled moody track Death of the Disco Tape.