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The Controversial Allstars

If you've lived in Ireland or the UK over the last 20 years, the odds are members of The Controversial Allstars have played in your house or car on your TV, Radio or computer. Frontman Dave Browne is best known as the lead singer and songwriter in PictureHouse, one of Ireland's most loved bands. Having just celebrated their 21st anniversary, Dave and PictureHouse’s contribution to Irish music has been celebrated widely including notes from Irish President Michael D Higgins, Bono and many more. (Click here to check them out yourself) Vocalist Ingrid Madsen has been a contestant on The Voice TV show, she was also selected to sing with the Celtic Woman show on a mammoth tour around the US. Completed by a band who's credits read like the who's who of the soundtrack to your life, it's no wonder that The Controversial Allstars are seen as the go to band for a host of well know venues and organisations through Ireland and beyond.